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YTM/Utaonii - Of giraffe costumes and confusing boys
Title: Of giraffe costumes and confusing boys
Fandom: Yamada Taro Monogatari/Uta no Oniisan
Pairing: Kenta/Taro
Notes: Blame karmade for this. ♥ Two little snippets of fic. Taro is already in university in these, even if it's not mentioned. These were first posted in my personal journal a little while ago.

(Just so you know, I haven't been feeling like writing lately. Sorry for making you wait for the next Voyager chapter, but I won't update before I feel it's fun to write again.)

The young man looked decidedly out of place in the audience. It wasn’t that Kenta would have noticed him anywhere else, but amongst kids and moms, he definitely stood out. Around him, there were several young kids and a youthful woman that Kenta guessed was the mother. But the guy was too young to be the father, so who was he? Not that Kenta really cared, but… it was just odd.

The guy was laughing with the kids, probably at him in his giraffe costume, looking happy to be there and kind of… sparkling. It was disconcerting, the way he actually seemed happy to be there, like this was fun to a guy like him. Like he enjoyed spending time with little kids and moms, watching a chilren's TV show being made.

That was definitely why Kenta’s eyes kept returning to where he sat. Because that guy wasn’t normal. That was all. It definitely had nothing to do with the sparkling and the smile and… oh god, he was just so cute.

Right. Kenta forced himself to stop right there. It was getting ridiculous. He was in a (stupid) giraffe costume and he had the (stupid) choreography to remember and (stupid) Himuro was acting up again, being displeased that they had a live audience in there so he wouldn’t be able to snap at Kenta and Mamoru all the time.

When the director finally called a break in the filming, Kenta was already exhausted. The huge giraffe head with the long neck weighed a ton and they had had to repeat the same dance over and over again. It was definitely a time for a cigarette and some coffee and maybe a quiet moment on the roof, if no one, for this once, would come to harass him there. Kenta thought about finding another spot to smoke, but he didn’t want to bother when he would be eventually discovered again.

When he got to the roof, there were two guys leaning against the railing, just next to his usual spot.

“Hey, hey, Mimura-kun, the view is really great!” the shorter man was saying, leaning excitedly over the edge, watching the traffic way down on the streets. Kenta felt an involuntary lurch in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to reach out and pull the fool away from the edge before he tipped over in his enthusiasm.

“Don’t fall,” the taller man said, laughing, and placed a hand on the excited one’s shoulder. The smaller man turned to smile at his friend and Kenta realized it was the guy from the audience. Great.

He sighed and made his way towards them. He needed a cigarette and, well, he wanted to know who these two were.

“Hey,” he said and leaned against the edge on the other side of the smaller guy, fishing out his pack of cigarettes and lighting one. “What are you guys doing here?”

“Oh, hello!” the small guy said, smiling. Kenta resolutely didn’t look at him and took another drag from his cigarette. “I’m Yamada Taro and this is my friend Mimura Takuya. You’re the giraffe guy!”

“Yeah,” Kenta said. He wished he could think of something else to say.

“What’s your name?” Yamada asked, smiling. Did this guy ever stop with the smile?

“Uh, Yano Kenta,” Kenta said and turned to face the two. “Nice to meet you.”

“You have the best job ever!” Yamada told him. “It must be really fun, being able to make kids smile every day.”

“Uh,” Kenta said.

“Mimura-kun got tickets for all of us to go and see your show. It’s amazing and the kids are really enjoying it. You’re our favourite!” Yamada continued.

“Uh,” Kenta said. And no, he wasn’t blushing. That would have been stupid and weird.

“Maybe we should stop disturbing him,” Mimura said patiently, obviously used to dealing with Yamada. “He’s on his break.”

Yeah. Maybe they should. Maybe they should leave him alone to enjoy his smoke in peace. That was what he wanted. Yeah. “It’s okay,” he said. “If you want, I can show you the dressing room with all the costumes before the break’s over.”

Yamada’s smile was so bright that Kenta had to blink a few times to get rid of the black spots swimming in his vision.

When they made their way back from the roof, they were immediately surrounded by a horde of kids.

”These are my brothers and sisters!” Yamada told him, introducing everyone. Kenta promptly forgot their names. It was just too much. Still, it was kind of cute how excited the kids were and how impressed they were of the costumes.

“I used to wear a bear costume,” Yamada said wistfully. “I wasn’t any good at it, though.”

How could someone not be good at wearing a costume? It was ridiculous. But this Yamada guy was weird anyway, so it didn’t really matter.

“Maybe Yano-kun could give you some tips,” Mimura suggested. Kenta glanced over at him and found him biting down on his lip, trying to hide his smile and failing. It was kind of irritating and Kenta decided he didn’t like this Mimura guy at all.

“Really? Would you?” Yamada said, grabbing Kenta’s shoulders and locking his eyes with his. This guy… was just too overwhelming, Kenta thought, swallowing nervously.

“Sure. Because you never know when you have to wear a stupid animal costume,” Kenta said dryly.

“Great! Thank you!” Yamada said and hugged him. Hugged him. Kenta couldn’t decide if this was the best or the worst day of his life.

He could hear Mimura sniggering behind him.


Kenta thought back mournfully, to the days when he had a girlfriend. That, at one point in his life he had been able to touch soft curves and – oh, yes – breasts and the world had been right. Kenta kind of missed breasts. Okay, so Kenta kind of missed when his life had been normal. He would have blamed Taro, but the truth was that his life had gone wrong way before he met the guy.

Still, Taro was smiling softly at him, eyes searching his face, so attentive and there that it was a little bit embarrassing and Kenta thought he might be able to get used to the complete weirdness of his current life. “So. Um,” he said. “We have known each other for two months now.” He shifted from foot to foot on Taro’s small porch, fearing that the uncontrollable force of the smaller Yamadas would burst out the door at any moment. He needed to say this and he’d prefer to do it without an audience, if at all possible.

“I’m glad to know you,” Taro said. It would have been so much easier if Taro wasn’t his usual unobservant self. If Taro could have been at least a little bit nervous, it wouldn’t have been so hard to say what he wanted to say.

“I,” Kenta tried, his fingers curling nervously around the sleeve of his leather jacket. He would do this. He was going to get a hold of his life again and this was the crucial step. Taro beamed at him and Kenta tried to decide if he should touch Taro before he told him, or after. “I like you.”

“I like you too,” Taro said.

“Yes. But,” Kenta said, because of course… of course Taro didn’t get it. He reached out, grabbing Taro’s wrist and just holding on. He lifted his other hand and brushed his thumb against Taro’s chin, over the mole there, and watched how Taro’s expression finally turned confused and the look in his eyes got serious, wondering. Taro blinked a few times, opening his mouth, questioning but silent. Kenta licked his lips nervously, because, yes, he was going to kiss a boy now.

Taro blushed, his eyes landing on Kenta’s lips. They were now close enough for Kenta to feel Taro’s breaths on his skin and either Taro had gone into shock or he actually didn’t mind, because he hadn’t pulled away yet. Kenta moved his hand from Taro’s chin to his neck, pushing his fingers into Taro’s soft hair, both to keep him from moving away and just to feel the strands between his fingers. Then he felt Taro’s hand on his arm, moving upwards until he was grabbing his shoulder.

Maybe it would be okay, after all.

He moved, gently pushing their lips together, feeling his heart in his throat. Taro’s grip on his shoulder got stronger when he tentatively moved his lips, and then Taro was suddenly answering the kiss and the force of Taro’s smiles was nothing compared to kissing him. His head was swimming and he felt a little unbalanced, so he held onto Taro tighter, wrapping both of his arms around his shoulders. He could feel Taro’s fingers curling into the back of his jacket.

When it finally got a little too much for him, he pulled away, but Taro didn’t let go of him. He clung to him and buried his face into Kenta’s shoulder, muttering something unintelligible against his jacket.

“What?” Kenta asked, frowning.

Taro lifted his face, looking flushed and shy and the only thing that kept Kenta from pinning him against the wall was the thought of all of Taro’s siblings just inside, where they would hear. If they hadn’t already heard.

“You taste really good,” Taro said, licking his lips.

Okay, Kenta thought. He could work with that.

damn, I though it was something new D:
Well. Okay. Shall re-read, then =)

I love that ohmiya is awesome even in drama crossover fic. I loved it, girl. :D :D

I love the grumpy/cheerful thing. x3

It doesn't matter what roles they play, they are always strangely compatible. xDD

You make me not want to write this pairing. You've mastered it already. O_O

But I promised ruisetsuna I'd do it if she drew it, and SHE DID and now there's the BROCCOLI to consider.

Also, have I told you lately that I love you? ♥ ♥

I am looking forward to yours! I know it'll be awesome. Besides, BROCCOLI. XD ♥

...I really have to watch Uta no Oniisan now. *blows up school stuff*

I ♥ these. :3

It's so cute. x3 Ohno makes wonderful faces.

thanks~ This is the perfect pairing, ever! It's amazing that Nino and Ohno can fit together in every drama character they play. I just love your fics <3

Isn't it? Instant otp! XD I'm still wishing for a Nino cameo in Utaonii, even if it's probably not happening...

too cute. i was giggling the entire time. the last couple lines killed me.

don't worry about updating. it's always better when it's fun otherwise it's just tedious.


I keep finding all these other things to do besides writing. :|

I can't stop giggling here ^__^b
This is a really cute pair... And maybe Kenta, getting Taro's siblings around all day, could learn to love children, right? Is a win win situation!

Or maybe he'll break down completely. >xD Kids. Everywhere. XDD

They're too cute. D: Tarou is so oblivious.

Nicely done! I... would not be opposed to seeing more. x3


heh, we'll see. x3

that was awesome!
What a great crossover idea and you really played it out perfectly! And the ending was just so sweet; I loved it!

I am absolutely SLAIN by the cute.

Oh my gosh this was awesome, and quite frankly a crossover waiting to happen! Poor Kenta, surrounded by kids^^
This is just fantastic ♥ Thank you for writing.
Writing is supposed to be fun isn't it? So you should just write when you feel it is right^^
Thank you! This really made me smile lol^^

This pairing is absolute genius, and this fic is the greatest thing to be written in the history of the universe!! You've cheered up my day times a million!! <3

Yamada and Mimura definitely need to make cameos in UtaOni.
OH. MY. GOD. It would be like crack on crack!

Taro too cute.
the ohmiya pairing <3 they could just be in any universe
thank you! this is awesome ;D

(Deleted comment)
Well, nicefinalbeam should be writing some. :3


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