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Arashi - jun/nino - Mezzanine
Title: Mezzanine
Fandom: Arashi
Pairing: matsumiya
Word count: 765
Notes: Massive Attack would be my favourite driving music if I had a license.

Nino loves driving after dark. The music that fills the car, the empty highways and the city left behind. It’s about letting go, but senses sharp, every colour intensifying in the middle of the dark, fading into the shadows behind the headlights, behind the small circle of visibility around him. Orange glows bright and blue is deeper than what he could ever find inside his dreams.

Jun sits next to him, head leaning against the window but eyes wide open. Listening… listening to the hum of the road and the music reverberating around the car, bouncing from the ceiling and the hollows in their chests, filling the air with magic so thick it’s hard to breathe.

They don’t talk, they don’t touch. The air outside the car is cold, Nino can sense it even when the heater in the car is working, even if it’s summer. The deep black shadows are always trying to sneak inside. And there’s nothing soft in them.

His senses get even sharper, the further the night moves. He can feel the electric current in the air and how it changes when Jun moves. Waves of electricity that make his skin tingle, make the hairs on his arms and on his neck stand up. So easy, so, so easy…

He feels too tightly wound up, everything is too sharp around him. Jun’s hands would be too hot against his skin.

”Don’t touch me,” Nino says. A warning, an invitation? Everything in his tone of voice betrays him.

Jun smiles, but doesn’t say anything. Just a hum deep in his throat – a half-tune of a song, maybe – that goes straight through Nino’s body, runs down his spine. Hot and cold and dangerous.

The air moves and Nino has to keep his eyes on the road, streetlight after another going by (light, dark, light, dark, light, dark, dark, dark), but his body responds to something that is only really in his mind. Anticipation of something in his memories. And he knows what his body is remembering, it’s not even a question.

He needs to stop the car, needs to fight Jun against the glass of the window. He needs to make him feel the cold outside. Clear things, clear his head, take away Jun’s heat.

His own fingers against his lips feel cold.

Finally he finds a place to stop. It’s too open, too much in view of the road. Every single car passing will see them.

Jun is too quick for him. He is breaths against his skin, warm waves of energy close to his body, exchanging something through the air. Not touching, no. Nothing, just air. But too close, too much in his space for it not to be like touching.

He can’t move. Too close, too easy, and all it will take is just a slight brush, a small pressure.

Nino closes his eyes and lets everything dissolve around him. Lips against his neck are just a foreign suggestion, wet and warm, making him pull his head back, stretch his neck for Jun.

He doesn’t want to stop it; the touches stinging like electricity, like the broken light over them. On, off, on, off, blinks of glowing orange that’ll make everything out of focus if you stare into it for too long. Too bright, too dark. On, off, on again, without a rhythm that he could follow.

He climbs in the back of the car, pulling Jun with him. Hard, fingers digging into flesh. Cheek pressing against the coarse material of the seat. Marks on tender skin.

It’s about the dark moments between the bright moments, and Jun knows and doesn’t care. It’s about the warmth that keeps escaping his body, no matter what he does.

He presses his palm against the cold glass. At first it’s a shock, something very different from the searing heat around him, but soon it dulls into a vague difference between the worlds, like the constant hum of reality in the back of his mind. In this place, where everything familiar feels like strangers, he needs that thin line back to sanity.

It sometimes feels like the darkness is slowly taking over. The moments between flashes of light grow longer. Little by little, like burnt out candles or fading current inside light bulbs. And if you are too quick, even darkness can burn.

When they drive back, the light is already returning. A new day with no sleep and too many empty moments, senses dulled back into grey shadows and washed out colours.

Jun sleeps next to him, looking pale in the morning light.

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I friended, love the fic!!

This the beautifully written...

Abstract and sexy and it sent shivers down my arms. I really really loved it ♥

Also, I am going to add jelly-fic on my flist because I noticed that you have written fics that are locked and I very much want to read them. I can't get enough of these guys, especially Matsumiya that were written by you...add me back? I'm kind of begging here haha! :D

... amazing. really really amazing!
i really like the style!

It's a smooth fic.

Like Jun and Nino naturally tensed against each other, together and apart.

I kinda search for this kinda Arashi fics sometimes. The one where I can use my imagination a bit more ^^


Thank you for adding me^^

Uwaaa, soo sexy and sensual, this fic XDD

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