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Arashi - Requests 2-I - The Song You Like
Title: The Song You Like
Fandom: Arashi
Word count: 566
Notes: For still_ciircee! ♥ Go read the one she wrote for me! :D :D :D

Um, um, this is written again in that style of mine that completely disregards that thing called grammar. D: This usually happens when I'm stuck with my writing and just want to do something. I have this vague feeling that people find it annoying to read but too bad, I like to write like this once in a while. :x

I've purposefully left the pairing tags out this time.

The beats, like molasses, flow slowly over us, sticky in the night. Sticky like glue and kisses and sweaty hands sliding down my sides.

I keep hearing this song in unfamiliar places. In spots with tension cold against my skin, spots of blinding white light through the leaves, into my eyes. And I blink, drown out the noises around me like I block out the sunlight when I close my eyes. The echoes are muted, like the orange glow through my eyelids. Everything is warm but I still feel the chill all over my body.

Music gets tainted with saliva. Moans counter the melody and turn it into something else in my head, something that never was the purpose of the composer.

Your fingertips tap the rhythm on light-coloured meeting room tables, on the armrests of our seats in the car, on the windows of the train. I hear the melody in the knocks on my hotel room door when I always let you in.

The first time was over two years ago and I still associate that song with you. With your fingers running down my spine, with your sloppy kisses and your confusion and determination, everything at once. Maybe it was too much. The music was designed to mask our noises then. Now, it's just a constant reminder and always in the wrong places. Reminder of open mouths and hands too close and the way I can't forget even if I squeeze my eyes shut. I still remember curves and lines and movement and sound, moist breaths on my skin.

I wanted it then. I really wanted it but I can't tell you why anymore. Maybe it was obsession, possession, some petty little way of claiming to be important. Maybe it was just lust and need and want for somebody, anybody. I can't be sure any longer.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this but I won't blame you for it. I don't hate you. I love you, I love you like I love you all, desperate, fierce, unnecessary, too embarrassing, too tender and too much.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this, but I never expected anything else from you.

Music gets murky, like clear pools of water stirred with sand, when someone's mouth is on you, when someone's body is pressing and sliding against you. Lust and love mutate melodies into memories and you lose meanings, go blind to the music. The songs that you love turn to vessels of pain or love or embarrassment or regret.

"Hey, hey, Jun, it's the song that you like," you say and turn the volume up on the radio, smiling a smile that says that you know something. The smile turns to searching when I won't answer you right away.

I remember the feel of the corners of your mouth when I traced your smile with my fingers, in the dark. That beat there was a kiss on the pulse throbbing on your neck and that verse had you moaning through it from under your breath. When the song reaches the four minute mark I can almost taste you on my tongue.

I watch how your eyes slide around the room, slick and slipping away, not catching on anything. "I think you're wrong, Nino," I say, tone casual, only hinting at something, like brush of teeth against tender skin. "It's the one that you like."

UWAHH! I loved it! I don't read much Matsumiya - but as always, the way you describe things is sooo real; it's hard to tear your eyes apart or even care what the pairing is. The ending was just perfect; I couldn't get enough of this story even if I read it 100 times over! Hands down to you!

Sugoooi... Love it, absolutely!

Matsumiya ♥♥

I might have thought it was Aiba just because he's been poking his way into my brain lately but Nino is just as great! And I didn't even notice the lack of grammar (so you claim). I'm a bit too preoccupied with remembering to breathe :]

Pst, Jun, which song?!(Not that I want to dl it and listen to it now)

Thanks! :D

I had no specific song in mind, I didn't even listen to anything while writing...

Ahhh. Beautiful and sad and... I don't know HOW I knew it was Jun. But I did. There's just something in how you wrote this that made me think Jun and... this was excellent.

Really, really fabulous work.

Thank you! It's great that you were able to guess who it was. Means that I did something right. XD;


At first, I thought this was that Ohmiya you were tempting me with. Then it got a bit angsty and I went "Wait..." I realized that it was Jun, then honestly thought it was Aiba he was talking about until Nino's name actually popped up.

Fantastic! ♥

Matsumiya emo so well.

:D Nah, I'm still far away from posting that one.

(They do. That's probably why I love them so much. XD)

This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm a little speechless. I love how the music and the act get tangled in his mind, like one song in two parts. I love how it the music and the memories almost throw him (who doesn't know that feeling? an old song that has you flashing back to a moment in the past) and I love how he and Nino sort of don't know how to deal with it.

And you know, the flow and pacing and the imagery...I ♥ you so very much.

:D ♥ I'm glad you liked it.
Yeah, a similar situation ruined The Cure's Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me album for me... :P

EEEEEEEEEEEE. Lovely! ♥ Really beautiful imagery.

Wow... just... wow! xD

sexyfic! sexy and angsty and beautiful. ^^

oooh I really like this! Your details and images are just lovely :D

Awesome. Seriously love the writing style on this one. I like when a story makes me think a simple "yes" at the end. You conveyed everything, I got it, I loved it. :)

*insert squee here*


you know.. there's this non-no interview between those two where they talked about "karada" (as suggested by Aiba Masaki). They took pictures of each others favorite body parts. Nino kept tugging at Jun's shirt for his collarbone and chest and Jun didn't mind a bit. The talk deviated from the subject of body parts to sexiness. here
and it not a fic.. and i bet Jun wanted to jump on Nino during the interview too..

Ah, I've been waiting for that article! :D Haha, I was so happy about Aiba's choice of topic for that. XD

Mmmm, nice imagery. About the fourth paragraph in it abruptly hit me that this had to be MatsuJun's pov, though I didn't quite figure out the other person until the name reveal. ^^;;; Very nice flow. ^_^

Thanks! I myself figured out it was Jun only at the seventh paragraph when it got obvious. XD;; (then I had to rewrite some things from the beginning...)

When the song reaches the four minute mark I can almost taste you on my tongue.
... goose bumps. seriously!

... i like your style, so i need to read more of you XD (why did i discover your fics so late, anyway?)



it's been a while since I read arashi :') I totally guess it was Jun you should be proud of me so clearly you wrote this well :o

;o; Arashi misses youuuu.


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