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RnK/Maou - Secret No. 1
Title: Secret No. 1
Fandom: Ryusei no Kizuna/Maou
Pairing: Koichi/Naruse
Word count: 600
Notes: otp. ♥ Sloppily Quickly written, inspired by Koony. For aishoni.

I haven't finished Maou yet. Please, don't write spoilers (for either series) in the comments!

It was near closing time when Naruse appears at the door of the curry restaurant. Koichi smiles to him and waves him inside. It has somehow become a habit of theirs. Most days Naruse comes and stays after closing time. Sometimes they talk, sometimes Naruse stays silent, watching him while he cleans the kitchen or prepares the curry for the next day.

Koichi isn't sure when it had become so comfortable to have the lawyer around. At first he had felt a little intimidated whenever he was there, but now he was actually waiting for the man to come. And if he doesn't appear, Koichi always feels restless and annoyed and ends up snapping at Taisuke or Shizuna or Togami or whoever dares to talk to him. His behaviour has started to worry him a little.

"Want something to eat?" Koichi asks when Naruse sits down at the counter. The lawyer shakes his head and gives Koichi a small smile. Then he reaches for his bag and takes out a small, wooden box, placing it on the counter in front of Koichi. The surface of the box is lacquered and dark and it feels cold and smooth under Koichi's fingers. "What is it?" he asks.

"I want to tell you something."

Naruse reaches over and opens the box.

"It's a music box?" Koichi asks when a melody starts to play. There's a metallic harmonica inside, crumpled, looking like someone has stepped on it. It probably can't be used anymore. Koichi picks it up and looks at it, glancing at Naruse from time to time. Naruse's face is expressionless, but his eyes are dark, his gaze never leaving Koichi's hands while he holds the instrument.

"It belonged to my brother," Naruse says. "He was murdered when we were in high school."

Koichi can feel his heart beating faster as he puts the harmonica back into the box. The melody is still playing but he barely notices it. When he looks back at Naruse, the lawyer is looking at the music box instead of Koichi, his eyes lowered. And suddenly it makes sense why there's something so familiar in Naruse, in his quietness and in the way Koichi sometimes catches him staring into space.

He isn't sure why he does what he does next, because it certainly isn't the normal way to respond to someone who just told you that their brother was murdered, but Koichi doesn't exactly think. His heart is pounding and everything just fits so well. He can feel the universe moving around them and clearly the universe just wants some things to happen. Right now. He reaches out and touches Naruse's cheek lightly and when the lawyer looks up he just leans over the counter.

The kiss is hesitant and soft and lasts barely two seconds, but it's long enough to be able to make Koichi freak out even before he pulls away again. The feeling of overwhelming clarity disappears the second his lips touch Naruse's. His thumbs rest lightly against Naruse's cheeks and his fingertips are buried in his hair. Naruse's lips are slightly parted and he exhales into the kiss. Shit, shit, shit, Koichi thinks, leaning over the counter in an awkward angle, his stomach pressing painfully against the edge. What the hell am I doing?

"I... um," he says when he pulls away, almost knocking over a soy sauce bottle. "I have something I need to show you too," he says and hurries upstairs, scrambling over his bed to get the recipe book from its hiding place.

When he stumbles back downstairs, Naruse is gone.



I'm so incoherent, sorry. I love you so much. ♥ OTP FOREVER.

:D ♥

The otp is distracting me from fic things with deadlines though! ;o;

I only know Maou but this is lovely. (I'm guessing that that is Nino;s character yes?)


Yeah, Koichi is Nino's character. :3


Aww, Koichi. <3 They seem like they would fit well together.

Very lovely. x3

They are destined to be together! xD; *waves her otp-flag*

Check out fic</> and more fic from waxrose!


Oh oh oh Koichi. :<<< I love this zomg a super super lot. ♥!!!


I bet you he comes back the next evening. XD



I know that's not the proper reaction to this, but for some reason I finished this and just started laughing. A lot. Because it's good! And you know when you just sit back and think, "Man, this really works. The imagination of fangirls everywhere is impressive sometimes."

I don't know, I'm just pleased. Especially that he was gone! Gosh, perfection, I'm telling you. :D


I'm just pleased that now I can slash ohmiya without it being RPS! This pairing is way too much fun.

Naruse is so cute! Just like in series, and shy too (he escaped, like he always did after some personal moments xD;;) and I think I won't ever stop loving his character!
And Koichi... failed xD;; baka! But then I can't blame him for that because that's what I like about him!
...the ending is sad! It's so good, but... Please, more ;_____;! My heart will break, these two characters are just meant to meet!

Sorry for fangirlism, my Maou-obsession was woken up by your fanfic ^_______^;;

I've only seen 5 episodes of Maou right now, but I'm slowly watching it when I have time. Ohno is awesome in it and Naruse is cute but also really creepy. XD I love that character.

I--uh. What? I love the ending!

Argh. Just. I don't know anymore! I-I have to check if more Koichi/Naruse fic exists. And I might die if I don't find more :/

Thanks! :3

waxrose has written some and karmade has done fanarts.

This pairing is so... XD awesome.
Really, it's just... perfect XD

(Yet, the hayashi rice man is still Koichi fantasy. Yup, he is )

Isn't it! XD ♥

(yeah, but only when Naruse isn't there. >D )

omg yes!!!

why did it take so long for this crossover to be written? unless i missed something...

i loved this. the ending was perfect. ohmiya belong together no matter what alternate reality they are born into. the universe will have it no other way!! lol.

There are few other fics about this pairing. And fanart.

I'm pimping it to a lot of people, hoping there would be more fanfics about them. xD;


And I've seen Koony's art and thought "How apt~" and now read this and it's just... really really really apt! How so? I can't explain. TT^TTd

NO ONE CAN STOP IT FROM HAPPENING. :D :D because ohmiya fangirls are crazy.

omg, this is exactly what I was going to write for you... well not exactly. I started to write it the other night, but I got stuck after a couple of paragraphs... so this is better than what I could have written! is there going to be more?

;o;! I started writing this three times before I managed to get to the end. It's surprisingly hard.

Well, I would be lying if I told you that I didn't want to write Naruse/Koichi smut... x3

i seriously need to pimp the existence of this OTP!OTP!
but from the comment =D~


I never even thought of this pairing until now... ♥ OTP.

It's so perfect. ;o; I have to credit the idea to aishoni, though.

This made me o_O but I love both the characters (and the people playing them of course), so I thought this was awesome! :D

haha, I got obsessed with this pairing pretty quickly. xD






(if only I could make rainbow sparkly hearts D':)

the rainbows and sparklies are implied. :D


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